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Mini-Tip: Remapping Electronic Drums

6:00 am Home Recording

If you have a set of electronic drums, you know how many sounds there are available for each kind of drum. My Yamaha DTX system has dozens of options each for the snare, the cymbals, the high-hat (open hit, closed hit, and pedal closure), and so on. The thing is, there is no limit on which sound can be mapped to which pad, meaning that you don’t have to assign snare sounds to the snare pad, tom sounds to the tom pads, etc. Anything can be anything!

One song I wrote preceded each verse with a snappy “ba-da-BAP” fill, with the “BAP” on the 4-beat just before the verse started. The “ba-da” was to be sixteenth notes on the kick. Um, sorry, I just can’t reliably hit the kick that fast in time. Now what? Once I realized I wasn’t using the floor tom pad anywhere in the song, I remapped it to the same sound and settings as the kick pad. Then I simply played the tricky fill with sticks on the floor tom and snare pads. But it sounds like I’m really fast on the kick!

[A longer version of this Mini-Tip appears in my eBook, Cheap Advice On Home Recording.]

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One Response
  1. Frank :

    Date: December 8, 2008 @ 4:14 pm

    It’s crazy how electronic drums are looking more and more like rock band drum kit (or maybe it’s rock band drum who looks more like electronic drum sets :)

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