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Mini-Tip: Let Your New Song Sit For A Bit

6:00 am Songwriting

If you’re like me, when you finally write down the last line of lyrics for that new hit song you’ve been working on all weekend, the first thing you want to do is to run into your home studio and record the thing. Or maybe you’ll take it to band practice that night and have the lads spend some time working it up.

It’s the next week, with the song already demoed or rehearsed, before you realize that actually the bridge should repeat again after the solo, or the third line of the chorus has a clunky word in it, or the intro is too long, or, or, or…. So now what?

To avoid the pain of redoing a demo or making the band learn a new version of the song at every session, I recommend that you leave the lyric sheet and chord chart for your new song lying about in easy reach and play it through several times every day. As you play you can “sanity check” the lyrics, chords, and arrangement. You may be surprised at how many tiny changes you find yourself making! Once you’ve played it the same way without changing anything for several days in a row, then maybe it’s ready for the world.

[An expanded version of this Mini-Tip appears in my eBook, Cheap Advice On Songwriting.]

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