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Mini-Tip: Record Every Gig

3:11 pm Live Sound

For a band that plays out live, feedback is usually a Bad Thing. But there’s another kind of feedback that can be extremely helpful for your band (and its sound man). I’m thinking of feedback about how your band actually sounds when you’re playing. How can you improve your performance and sound production if you don’t listen to and critique the show afterwards? Baseball teams make and watch videos of their games. Your band should listen to recordings of your gigs, for all of the same reasons.

Now, this doesn’t have to be a fancy, CD-ready recording, but it does have sound halfway decent to be of any use. Your best bet is probably to get a Zoom H4 or similar unit and have it recording somewhere in the audience area during at least one set (preferably the whole show). Afterwards, the sound man and the Main Band Person should listen to the whole recording, taking notes on areas needing fixing or improvement. Doing this can give a sense of direction to your rehearsals and will ultimately make a huge difference in your sound!

[An expanded version of this Mini-Tip appears in my eBook, Cheap Advice On Live Sound.]

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