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Q&A: Achieving Stereo “Fullness”

Home Recording 2 Comments

Dear Cheap Advice Guy,
I’m trying to do a simple pan. I laid out 3 tracks with the entire song on each track. I put one track to the left, one to the right, and one in the center. When I listened to it on my home receiver it sounded no different than before. I first listened to the song with it only in the center. Then I mixed the 3 tracks with one in the center, one 100% left and one 100% right. There was barely a difference! I heard more sounds coming out of my left and right speaker when I rendered it with it in the center only. Why is there barely any difference?
I just want to make my music sound a little more full. I’m finding out this is not as simple as I hoped it would be.
Puzzled Songwriter

Dear Puzzled,

Thanks for getting in touch. And don’t despair! Your idea for expanding your single-track song by panning copies left and right is spot-on. All you are missing is one concept and some techniques. (It’s not that common to have a song on a single track, but everything I will discuss applies to individual tracks as well.)

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