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Make A System Diagram Of Your Studio

Home Recording 1 Comment

Most home recording studios start out simple and small, perhaps consisting only of a studio-in-a-box standalone recorder or a bare-bones computer-based setup. But then we start adding things, don’t we? An outboard mixer for the drums, brought in on Aux Return 2. An effects unit we like better than any of our plugins so we use it as an insert on Channels 3 and 4. A new mic pre that we use instead of the built-in one on Microphone Input 1. Maybe even a patch panel!

At first, it’s easy to keep all this straight in your head as you leap to quickly make all the right connections and adjustments before you lose the inspiration for that new epic song. But as time goes by and you make more changes, you will find yourself losing track of the connections you don’t use very often. What inserts did I plug that effects unit into again? Argh! What is this cable in the #11 output jack on the patch panel?

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